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Welcome to the Tune Up The Music Contest Wiki. The wiki was created only, and only for the Tune Up The Music Contest due to the fact that the Song Contests Wiki looks bad. Here, you will find information about each edition of TUMC, countries and songs which have participated in the contest, etc. The wiki was mainly created to show all to the participants which songs/artists/countries have taken part in previous editions. Feel free to add whatever your think is necessary.


You CAN create: Edit

  • User pages. If you have participated, feel free to create a page with all your entries. It must include a short text listing all your participations, national selections, whatnot and a list which is solely for your entries and placings.
  • Country pages. Articles for the countries that have already participated or will debut in the contest can be created.
  • Edition pages. Currently, not all the editions have articles. Although, you shouldn't go ahead and create edition pages yourself, you can however fix mistakes if you find any.
  • National selection pages. National selection pages can be created, following the style of edition pages, and the same template. If you do not wish to create one for your selection, you don't have to.

You CANNOT create: Edit

  • Pages about other contests (online or real). This wiki is only and only for Tune Up The Music Contest.
  • Pages about songs and artists. No pages are required for them. If you wish you can link to songs and artists on Wikipedia by using [[wikipedia:Artist/Song Name]].