Flag of Estonia
National selection events Internal Selection (1 - 2)
Appearances 2
First appearance #1
Best result 9th: #2
Worst result 12th: #1

Flag of Estonia Estonia participated in the 1st and 2nd edition of TUMC, and hosted the 1st edition. It withdrew after the 2nd edition citing bad results and low funding as the reason.


Edition Artist Song Place Points Semi Points
#1 Kerli "The Lucky Ones" 13 37 X X
#2 Laura "2020" 9 57 X X
XX on Semi-Finals denotes that Semi-Finals didn't take place
XX on Finals denotes an unsuccessful attempt at qualifying to the Final
AQ on Semi-Finals denotes an Auto-Qualification

Hostings Edit

Edition Location Venue Presenters
#1 Flag of Estonia Tallinn Saku Suurhall Marko Reikop and Anu Välba

Voting history Edit

As of Edition #2, Estonia's voting history is as follows:

Most points given in both Semis and Finals
Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine 14
2 Flag of Romania Romania 13
3 Flag of Portugal Portugal 12
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
5 Flag of Russia Russia 10
Most points received in both Semis and Finals
Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Israel Israel 15
Flag of Japan Japan
2 Flag of Norway Norway 12
3 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom 11
4 Flag of Russia Russia 7

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